Posted by: goodmorningmystic | June 21, 2013

ETWN and the Vernacular…

Picking up where I left off oh so long ago…the Mass and EWTN.

Unfortunately, EWTN no longer broadcasts the Mass in the English language.  The only Mass EWTN broadcasts, to date, is in Latin.

Wow.  A U.S. based Catholic media channel broadcasts the most important Catholic ritual in a language that is no longer spoken?  Really?

I emailed to ask why and was told that, according to EWTN, the true interpretation of Vatican II with regard to Mass has led them to broadcast the Mass in a language that would be more global, inclusive and non-specific to any one group of people.  So, the language of choice for the Mass is – Latin.

I guess when the Mass is in Latin and you don’t know what the priest is saying and have to read along to follow along…this is somehow supposed to make it easier on everyone to participate in the Mass?

I sincerely pray that this is not the direction the entire Catholic church is going.  Have we not been here before???

I have a slightly better understanding of Martin Luther’s frustration with the Church when he was nailing up the Ninety-Five Theses.  I’m also grateful for Luther’s work in bringing the Mass to the “simple people” which to him was important for a “public stimulation for people to believe and become Christians.”  Martin Luther, Martin Brecht, tr. James L Schaaf, Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 1985-93; 2:255.

I will be looking to support some other yet-to-be-discovered Catholic broadcast effort that will provide those in need of the Mass – the greatest prayer in a Catholic’s life – in a language they can understand.

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