Posted by: goodmorningmystic | July 7, 2022

Bible in a Year

I’m listening to Bible in a Year Podcast. It’s an amazing experience.

As background, I currently have approximately 15 Bibles in my possession. Lots of versions; NAV, NIV, ESV, King James, Amplified, Good News, and on and on. So, I have read the Bible. I’ve studied the Bible. I’ve listened to the Bible on audio tapes, CD’s, and on my IPod. Now I’m listening to the Bible on my phone. And I love the Bible like I’ve never loved the Bible before.

Honestly, I’m not sure I’ve ever “understood” the Bible until Fr. Mike Schmitz started reading it to me. He’s no James Earl Jones. He speaks very fast. But he’s an awesome orator. And for some reason…I’m gonna credit the Holy Spirit…the way he reads the Word of God just rings true. It’s honest. It’s a story. An important story that absolutely needs to sink down deep into your heart and touch you.

I thank my forever friend, Linda, for directing me to this incredible experience.

“I’m praying for you. Please pray for me. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.”

Fr. Schmitz.

Deus est omnia

*For more information on Bible in a Year Podcast, go to You can also subscribe to Bible in a Year Podcast just about anywhere you listen to podcasts. So subscribe. Do it now while you’re on your device. You will not regret it.


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